Our New Nikon

Today is the day Rob has been waiting for. Our new Nikon D810 arrived.

While any photographer will tell you that it’s the photographer not the gear that makes a great picture, they’ll also tell you that great gear certainly helps. Here are some ways that DSC_6888our newest Nikon will help us provide you with a stellar photography experience. 

1. Less distraction Because this camera operates nicely in low-light situations, we’ll be able to leave the flash off at times where it would be distracting. A quieter shutter will also mean less distraction when taking pictures in classrooms and other “inside voice” locations. 

2. What we see is what you get. In many cameras, the view finder doesn’t match exactly what is going to be in the final picture. This means, distracting elements can creep into the photo without the photographer being aware. Though these elements can always be cropped out later, this takes time and reduces the final size of the picture. By being able to take the picture exactly right the first time, we can streamline our editing so that we can take on more projects. And you’ll be able to order very large prints without interfering with the picture quality. 

3. No more pictures with Uncle Bob’s eyes closed. There aren’t many things more frustrating to a photographer than thinking you have a great picture, then loading your images onto your computer and realizing someone has their eyes closed or is looking off to the side. To prevent this, we’ve followed the rule of always taking three pictures of each pose to make sure at least one turns out. Even then we recently had to use Photoshop to “open” someone’s eyes in a recent group photo. This camera has a larger, sharper screen that allows you to get a preview of the image that’s nearly as detailed as what you’ll be able to see on the computer. 



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