Getting a Close-Up Look

ImageWhen Rob and I were dating, we started going on nature walks together. I would walk along briskly, getting a feel for the overall aura of the natural surroundings. Rob, on the other hand, would stop frequently, peering through his binoculars (which he kept in his car so he would always have them with him) at the wildlife I was missing.

So it should come as no surprise that Rob has developed a knack for photographing those creations many of us miss in our hurried lives. 

What amazes me most is that Rob does not use a macro lens. I asked him what the advantage of this was, and he mentioned that by not having to get as close to the wildlife as a macro lens would require, he’s able to get their picture without scaring them away.

ImageAs we make a concentrated effort to get Rob’s view of the world out where others can enjoy it, one of our projects will be a photo book (or perhaps several) focusing specifically on the smaller beauties of the natural world.

It has been our dream for years to do a book together. And it’s certainly a logical project for a photographer husband and writer wife to accomplish. Yet, until recently, that dream has seemed out of reach. (I know first-hand the soul-draining process of trying to get published traditionally.) With the skills we’ve been learning lately, we feel confident that we can successfully self-publish and market such a book. Meanwhile, the pictures he gathers for the book will also be made available for sale in other formats. If you’re interested in purchasing these  or other photos, check out our online storefront.



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