Advice for Our Graduate

We’re almost done with graduation season. Four graduations down and one to go. As Pomp and Circumstances continues playing in through our minds, we’re inspired to share our own words of wisdom for our son, who just graduated from the 8th grade.   
2014 graduate

1.Trust God in everything. Before you were born, I remember sitting in what was to be your nursery crying. We had just experienced three financial disappointments. “Am I making a mistake bringing a baby into this worlgrad meme 1d?” I prayed. “Will we be able to take care of him?” I continued talking with God until I felt the reassurance that He would take care of us. In the next week, we had three financial surprises–not disappointments but positive surprises. I took this as a sign that God would take care of us, and He has. It hasn’t always been easy, but He has always provided for our needs–even when what we needed seemed out of reach. Never forget the way He has taken care of
our family. That will help you to continue trusting Him as you grow older.

2. Don’t stop learning. Your dad ad I have found a lot of joy through continued education, whether via reading, watching documentaries, doing online research, or taking formal classes. But learning brings more than just joy. Even as you grow older, learning continues to be the pathway to success.
To be honest, if we hadn’t stumbled across the CreativeLigrad meme 2ve website, we probably would have gotten discouraged and given up on the business. But after having taken a variety of online classes in which we’ve learned new techniques as well as business strategies, we are inspired and ready to take the business in a new direction. Learning can do the same for you. Take every opportunity to continue increasing in wisdom.

3. Start planning for college scholarships now. You probably thought we were crazy when we started talking about high school scholarships. After all, you were only a 5th grader. But now as you hold on to $6,000 worth of scholarships that are opegrad meme 3ning the doors for you to attend the private school of your dreams, I have no doubt you’re glad we pushed you to practice your instrument and get good grades. A couple nights ago, our jaws dropped as while covering a high shool graduation, we saw insane amounts of money being given away to students who had excelled academically. So keep up the good work. Study hard, do your best on those standardized tests, and get involved in student leadership. Do this, and the doors for college will open for you as well.

4. Hone your talents. God has blessed you with a special gift for playing the saxophone. Don’t bury your talent like that unfaithful servantgrad meme 4 in the parable. Keep it up. Find a way you can serve God with your talent, perhaps join a praise band or play for nursing home residents. You will be blessed immensely, and your talent will only continue to increase.

5. Don’t let the world define success for you. Success isn’t just money, fame, and power, as the world would have you to believe. True success involves balance. Serve God, love your family, and enjoy your work. There is no greater success than these.grad meme 5


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