Meet Our Graduation Photographers, Part 2

One of the things both our graduation photographers have in common, besides taking great pictures, is that they are personally motivated by the desire to keep their kids in Adventist schools. 

Today, we introduce you to Debbie, who will also be taking photos during this busy graduation season.Image

1. Why are you excited about taking graduation pictures?
I love taking pictures of all kinds.  Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years.  It’s so important that our children know how proud we are of their accomplishments, and it’s a great opportunity to help them make memories with their families as they celebrate their children’s academic achievements.  From my own experience, these photographs become treasured family heirlooms.

2. Tell me why Adventist Education is something you value.
I personally benefitted from twelve years in the Adventist School System as a young student.  And now, I am currently attending Southern Adventist University, following the Lord’s call to ministry. As a mother, it is doubly important for my own children to have a quality, well-rounded, and (most importantly) Christ-centered education.  There are so many opportunities for our children to be led astray by the distractions of the world. There are so many chances to lose our own focus, as parents and Christians, in pursuit of what the world says we should have or do. A Christ-centered education in the Adventist School System is part of the answer to the prayer I pray daily for my children: that the Lord surround them with His hedge of divine protection, for their hearts, minds, and bodies.

3. When not taking pictures, how do you spend your time? 
I am a writer: poetry, fiction, etc.  But most recently, of more papers than I can count—for the university. I’m a big bookworm, reading on a litany of subjects. I enjoy most outside activities (camping, horseback riding, etc), a wide variety of music (singing and playing the violin), and spending time playing games with my sweet kids. I currently work as a Custom Framer.  It’s a lot of fun to create designs for beautiful and cherished artwork and heirlooms—and fulfilling to get to produce the final work to present to my clients.

4. Tell us a little about your family.
 I am the daughter of two committed servants of Christ.  I lost my father, a former colporteur and carpenter, ten years ago.  I am very blessed to have my mother with us. She is a remarkable human being, kind and quirky, a blast to spend time with, and a blessing to my children and me. She is a nurturing mother, a tireless servant of God, an involved grandma, and one of my most treasured friends and advisors. I am the mother of the two greatest blessings in my life.  My children are my grace and my joy.  They have made me better and given me joy and purpose beyond what I could have imagined. I love watching them grow, learn, and play.  They are such amazing little people, and I love every step of this journey with them.  I am blessed beyond measure!

5. What would you most like our clients to know about you?
I am so thankful to Futcher Fotos for this chance to learn from them, work with them, and serve Christ in their continued ministry in business. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you, your families, children, pets, and friends. I look forward to helping capture what I know will become your treasured memories, creating images to help remember these special times in your lives. Thank you for sharing your time and loved ones. I look forward to meeting and working with each of you!


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